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All About Kite Safari In Egypt!

The nook of the reef the place the wreckage lies slopes gently up with table coral after desk coral overlaid and has some of the best examples of exhausting coral in the area. The Daedalus Reef is can solely be dived from a liveaboard and you should be an experienced diver because the reef is in open sea. Manta Point - this dive website is on the outside of the reef near the lighthouse at the centre of the reef. Turtles, moray eels and most kinds of Red Sea fish could be seen here, presumably even a reef shark, in addition to the possibility of Mantas in season.

Is Hurghada Egypt safe?

There is no FCO advice against travel to Cairo, Alexandria, the tourist areas along the Nile, and the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. The section of the country between the Nile and the Red Sea is also considered mostly safe.

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'Jackson Drift' is Sharm's' quickest and most exhilarating drift dive past a surprising wall bursting with prolific coral growth. In August, September and early October, divers dive off the back of Jackson hoping to glimpse the college of scalloped hammerheads which are sometimes sighted there. The Carina was a big sail and steam ship from across the 1880 era and a lot of household bricks scattered amongst the wreckage suggests that this was her cargo. This is a shallow dive with the vast majority of the wreckage in 10m or much less and the sting of the reef at an analogous depth of 12-14m.
The exit of the Canyon is done by way of a huge onerous coral block with a person-sized opening on this coral hummock. The quite a few small cracks of this coral block enable the air bubbles emitted by scuba divers to flee giving a fantastic touch to the surroundings. Access to the location is through a shallow and sandy lagoon laying a few steps type the shore line.

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  • But dropping anchor is forbidden here, so boats have to use the permanent mooring buoys.

It is inhabited by a rich fauna comprising Butterflyfishes, Bluespine Unicornfishes, Cornetfishes and even juvenile Barracudas. On the most western point there is a saddle serving as an entry point to the open sea and a coral backyard.
After a mild shore entry by way of a break within the coral plate one sees rolling coral "hills" bottoming out in sandy bottomed "valleys". Beautiful hard corals type the hills, which you'll swim over and around exploring the valleys at between metres. At the top of the dive is a spectacular five meter excessive brain coral, affectionately named Brian's Brain.
Stingray Station - In the north-western part of the Alternatives there is a large roughly quadrangular outcrop known as Stingray Station. It will get its name because many Blue Spotted Stingrays collect right here notably within the spring months. It could be dived both as a mooring dive and as a drift dive and may be very popular with snorkellers because of the shelter the reef supplies and the shallowness of the encircling water. Fury Shoals includes of a big system of reefs rising atop of a shallow shelf that stretches 13km off shore to the north of Ras Banus.
The dive starts along two desalination pipes that have been put there by the Israeli Army in the late seventies. Both pipes start at 5 metres and stretch out horizontally, sloping progressively down to 12 metres and 20 metres respectively. The pipes are round 5 metres apart and through the years have become overgrown with soft corals and small table corals. This has attracted an abundance of fish to shelter across the pipes.

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Among the big range of reef fish here, some notable residents embrace the Pufferfish, Snappers, Lyretail and Coral Grouper, Basslets and Red Sea Anthias. By getting shallower and nearer to the lip of the Blue Hole the attraction can be mendacity on the rich sloping reef. The saddle which permits the entrance to the within of the Blue Hole is 7 meters deep solely. The end of the dive will allow you to skirt across the inside walls of the Blue Hole the place you could observe Octopus, many Starfishes and Scorpionfishes.